35g 우유향미 인스턴트식품 음료 분유 개별적 패키징

기본 정보
원래 장소: 광동 중국
브랜드 이름: DOSFARM
모델 번호: XL802-2
최소 주문 수량: 1000의 판지
가격: US$0.05 to US$0.12 per piece
포장 세부 사항: 개별 팩 + 큰 플라스틱 백 + 통
배달 시간: 명령 콘피르마티오니 뒤에 있는 25 일 이내에
지불 조건: 전신환, 웨스턴 유니온, 보자마자 L/C (신용장)
공급 능력: 1500 통 매일
상세 정보
항목: 우유 같은 크림통 특징: 즉각적 음료
형태: 파우더 양: 팩 당 35g
주문을 받아서 만드는: 용인됩니다 기타 형태: 용인됩니다
사업 조건: FOB 산토우 공항 판매 수명: 12개월
하이 라이트:

35g Instant Drink Powder


Custom Milk Creamer Instant Drink Powder

제품 설명

Instant Drink Powder in Milky Taste


About Us:


2. Year of Establishment: 2002

3. Factory Area: around 23,000 square meters

4. Quantity of Employee: around 500

5. Workshop Clean Level: dust-free level of 100,000

6. Own Test: YES ! For each patch of products

7. Port of Departure: SHANTOU

8. Quality Control System: YES ! With ISO22000 and HACCP certificates.

9. Certificate for entering Muslim markets: YES ! With HALAL certificate.

10. Agent Supporting Policy: YES, after cooperation relationship established.



Product Details: 


Product: Instant Milky Powder
Flavor: Sweet
Type: Powder
Specialty: High Protein
Packaging: Individual packaging + big plastic bag + thick carton
Quality Control Certificate: YES !! With ISO22000 and HACCP certifications
HALAL Certificate: YES !! HALAL Certificate at hand for Muslim Countries



35g 우유향미 인스턴트식품 음료 분유 개별적 패키징 0



WHY Choose Us ?

- 1.Own factory means better prices and better quality control, and also shorter lead time.

- 2.Product safety issues are always what we concern very much.

- 3.ISO22000 / HACCP quality control system certificated, and also HALAL / MUI certifications mean that our foods totally meet requirements of muslim countries.

- 4.If mass order with full container, package design and also package modules will be all free !

- 5.Experienced international business team is ready to provide perfect service. 24 hours stand by!

- 6.Marketing supports will be offered during all period of cooperation. Order confirm is just a start of everything. To help customers keeping improving sales is always our task. BIG task !


35g 우유향미 인스턴트식품 음료 분유 개별적 패키징 1




Best Places for Selling: 

1. Convenient shop (Our cooperation partner: 7-11 , Family-mart, GS-25).

2. KA Supermarket (We have worked with Wal-mart, Carrefour and so on...).

3. Pharmacy.

4. Wholesale trade way.


35g 우유향미 인스턴트식품 음료 분유 개별적 패키징 2

R & D Dept. 

35g 우유향미 인스턴트식품 음료 분유 개별적 패키징 3


1. The things we should do, is far more than selling !

2. We sell the instant powder to our clients, and then we will try our best to help clients on their selling to end consumers !

3. Free samples available; and also there are discount policies from our boss ! GREAT SUPPORT !!!

4. We are ready to fly to clients' area for marketing as well as improvement.


35g 우유향미 인스턴트식품 음료 분유 개별적 패키징 4


연락처 세부 사항
Clark Chen

전화 번호 : +86-183-445566-26

WhatsApp : +8618344556626